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There are no more secrets that the words written in the title. That is why we cook at the open grill. We personally select our beef cuts in order to get the maximum expression in our olive, orange and almond dry woods.

Beyond any Argentine Steakhouse cliché, Origen Asador is a mixture that shows our more than 20 years of knowledge in meat cooking, traveling and the application of different techniques at the grill. That is why in Origen Asador we cook with different types of dry woods and we also use charcoal, so we can cook at the open firewood grate and the charcoal oven, being possible to pursue different techniques and temperatures in order to take our customers to our main goal, the taste.

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The values philosophy of the company considers, above all, people. They are always at the center of our activity, whether employees, suppliers or customers. It is they who justify our dedication and effort, and this is demonstrated in the warmth and professionalism with which we dedicate ourselves to this job. The service is for us as important as the quality of our raw material.

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The kitchen of Origen Asador is a large-scale homemade kitchen, but it can not disentangle itself from the freshness of an artisanal product. From the beginning to the end, from the Origin.

We also select and mature the best beef cuts. You can check it out in our DRY AGED MENU.

Meat of 'Novillo Argentino', raised in extensive cattle farming. We select it meticulously to maintain the highest quality standards. That is why we do not buy in large volumes, we take our task very seriously. `Galician Cow´ meat, artisanal dry aged by us. We control the beef cuts from start to finish, thus preventing overexposure of the product by third parties.

Of all our meats, we select those that we consider of an extraordinary quality to dry aged for a period of 30 to 45 days in our Chamber of Maturation, exposed to our Customers in Origen Asador.

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1.30 pm to 3.30 pm


Dinner Schedule

7 pm to 11 pm